CHOWS ROCK-FLASH SALE – Tomorrow May 11th!!!

CLICK LINK ABOVE TO SEE THE INTRODUCTION VIDEO FOR TOMORROW’S SALE!! starting at 10:00 AM Pacific timezone May 11th, 2023. Please read entire description and have your volume on for the video description.

Hello everyone!! This week I will be celebrating my 65th birthday with 9 CHOWS ROCK necklaces in a brand new design created from polymer clay to look like real ocean pebbles!!! An extra perk is the design is very “unisex” and versatile. A real “go to piece” and perfect for gifting as well.

The sale will be at this link THE BAMBOO TEAHOUSE-Sandra Miller Auctions


Each of the pendants are different in shape, color combo and pebble patterns. They are created by hand, one at a time from polymer clay which I hand-mixed and blended to mimic real stone. I know “Its not nice to Fool Mother Nature” ……but I sure had fun trying. They echo everything from granite to sandstone, to agate and petrified wood. No two are alike.

  • The colors and textures and inclusions are all part of the actual clay and no paint is used. They are so incredibly light you won’t know you are wearing them . Hours of color blending, sculpting and lots of love go into every one of a kind necklace.
  • Each has a very long soft rolled leather necklace finished at the back with an adjustable slide that can go from as short as a choker, to as long as an opera length necklace (below the bustline) and any length inbetween! (ranging about 15-28″)
  • The back of each pendant features a a cute little chow “tail” impressed into the clay as well as my signature. The bead bail holding the leather cording is also hand sculpted from the same clay as the chow to match the pendant
  • The icing on the cake so to speak is a REAL PEBBLE CHARM dangling from under the Chow that came from the Oregon coast beaches. It gives a nice amount of movement and extra interest. Everyone will be asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”





Each necklace is a SANDRA’S SENIOR FIXED PRICE of $125.00 which includes USA First Class postage. (sorry no international shipping on these unless you have checked with me PRIOR to the sale. INT. shipping is very expensive)

The first person to comment “MINE” on each upcoming listing Thursday gets to purchase the necklace associated with the comment. You may need to refresh the page to find the next listings. There will just be photos of the items (no video) I will send paypal invoices once the sale is over.


The 9 necklaces will be listed one at a time about 5 minutes apart or when the previous one is claimed….whichever comes first, right here starting at 10:00 AM Pacific timezone May 11th, 2023


Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for these rare instant-gratification purchase opportunities!!!! Have fun everyone and thank you for stopping by!!!


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