January 4-5…A taste of Hong Kong


Nothing screams out Hong Kong like the vintage Junk boats that grace the harbor here in Hong Kong. Combined with container ships, wooden fishing boats, cruise liners and various other water craft it makes for an ever changing spectacle on water, 24/7

The past two days we have done  nothing but eat and walk and photograph this delicious city who’s skyline has the hills to her back and an ocean at her feet.  Below you will find a variety of images from the streets to the waterfront.  I tried to take some photos that help you feel the vibe here.  Dont forget to see the 3 new videos of the market below as well.

Buying a new S95 CANON point and shoot camera at TIN CHEUNG CAMERA. HONG KONG

I purchased a new camera today too!! An itsy bitsy one for those times when a big huge camera is just too conspicuous. My old one I purchased in Hong Kong as well so I thought since the model is brand new, and the price was incredible, I would replace the outdated one with this little powerhouse of a camera…the  CANON S95

Tomorrow we go on aTea Cruise through the harbor so crossing our fingers for weather like we had today

Hope you are having a great week!! Enjoy the pix and check out the Facebook images in the sidebar too!

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