SAFFRON SARIS AND SILKEN SPREADS…..a mini redo for my bedroom

My silk coverlet set I bought in Thailand

I’ve been in the middle of a flurry of late summer cleaning getting ready for my son to visit (and get the place ready for us to leave to the house sitter when we go on holiday) and in one of my drawers, tucked safely away was this INCREDIBLE 100% silk coverlet set that I bought on my last trip to Thailand…a whole year ago!!.  My daughter Liz and I both bought a set since we couldn’t resist the sweet Thai lady and her deal…”buy 2…give you good price”!!!

This is a typical Asian coverlet in that it is a lined silk “throw” of sorts.  Not a Duvet(comforter cover).  I fell in love with this type of bed cover when we were in Vietnam.  So easy to take off the bed and just literally “throw” on in the morning.

A silk sari Im waiting for from India for the window

Once I got this on the bed I realized I needed to add some more of this saffron shade of yellow/orange to the window dressing.  After a quick search on Ebay I found this beauty to replace the existing Sari I have swagged above the window.  This is another Sari which is 6 yards long and has silverish/goldish medallions embroidered all over it. It is 100% silk and matches the coverlet to a T!!!! Even down the the medallion theme!!!  It’s coming from India so I’ll probably get it in 2 weeks or so

A screen print 2x5' that I need to frame for the bedroom

This incredible block print I’ve had for a couple of years which was an auction I won from a local humane society fundraiser.  The artist did a limited edition of a number of breeds and the Chow HAD TO BE MINE!!!!!  It measures about 2 feet wide by 3 1/2′ long.  I now have a reason to frame it and get it up on the wall

Table runner that matches my silk bedspread..just unfolded it

Excuse the wrinkles on this bed runner…I had just unfolded it and wanted to take a quick photo to show you.  In Asia these matching runners go across the foot of the bed as decoration.  This is an easy way of changing the look of a room with neutral bedding and a matching runner and pillow shams.   The simplicity of Oriental decor has always been a huge influence on my art

My batik 3x5feet from Indonesia

Now this is a knockout!!! I got this from Indonesia and it’s a huge batik done in the traditional wax and dye process.  It hangs in the room on the wall from a black curtain rod and is suspended from black cafe rings.  No frame needed.  I can’t have too many textiles in my home.  This is another great way to change out the art without the expense of framing.

I’ll be offering some of my own “batik” art on fabric panels similar to this batik this autumn! Stay tuned!!!


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