LAST DAY..We could lose the $1000.00 prize for Karen..please act now

Hello all..this is a very quick update to let you all know that the second place contestant in the Amazee/Facebook Rally has almost caught up to us  and could win this money if we dont’ act fast!!! THE RACE ENDS TODAY!!!!

Ch. Chinarose N Offer you Can't Refuse

The top 3 projects in the Rally Amazee – Facebook

Please if you have not already added our Project page for Karen to  your Facebook page…do so now…


On the right hand side is a blue button that says ADD TO FACEBOOK

Click on that and you will be prompted to click one more time to add..THATS IT…your DoNE!!!

If you are not a Facebook member could you take a moment to sign up then follow the instructions above.    We need more bodies FAST…this ends in a  matter of hours and we have worked so very hard to win this prize!!!

Thank you so much and please ask your family and friends to do the same




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