FEELIN’ BLUE TODAY…and that’s a good thing!

Garden Blues today

As I was lying on my back in my garden today…daydreaming about 10,000,00 things all at once, I suddenly heard a shrill cackling about 2 feet from my head.  Well I am never without my camera when I am outside and as luck would have it, this STELLERS JAY had landed on my suet feeder !!  I couldn’t help myself…I had to shoot him (with the camera that is) This is such a fantastic colored bird and entertaining to boot.  Click the blue link above to learn much more and hear a recording of his voice

Garden Blues today

Of course that overload of blue set my mind racing as I looked back toward the sky (still lying on my back) , through my Japanese maple starting to leaf out.  The sky was ELECTRIC blue like the jay…..so I took a photo of that!!!

Art glass getting excited to become something fused!

Then I decided to go inside the studio and pick out some glass that matched my blue vision  of a very cool pendant!  As I write the first stages of a series of blue pendants are in the kiln thinking COOL BLUE thoughts!

Garden Blues today

By this time EVERYTHING blue in the garden became a target for my Canon!!!!

Garden Blues today

The coolest blue shot I took was  my windchime in fused glass. The sound this chime makes is heavenly!

That’s the blues for today!!!  I will show you how those pendants look after the first stage firing later this week!


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