CHEERS to our Veterans

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all our military families and veterans who over the decades have sacrificed so much to make our country safe and secure!!!!  You brave and selfless  men and women totally ROCK in my book!

My daddy on the right...God Bless our Troops!

Check out this photo my mom recently restored of my daddy (the handsome guy…far right)  at a Canteen in Florida.  This was his first beer in months in the Navy.. and by the looks of it……..not his last brewski those boys consumed that night…lol!  He was 17 when he enlisted!

I sure miss my dad but all these great photos and stories my mom has been preserving using Photoshop brings forward a side of him I never really knew.  Thank you mom for giving me these “new” memories of daddy.


And of course you need to see mom too…this was after dad returned from WWII and they got married and moved to Kansas City.  Dad was attending the KC Art Institute and Mom worked at Hallmark Cards!


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