The launch of my launching pad ..Yippie


Nothing makes me happier than being organized!! I get so flustered when things are not immediately at hand and within reach, including all my interests involving the internet. My world of jewelry, photography, gardens, chows, pandas, and travel has expanded so much in the last year that I needed a way to simplify all my websites and links. Finally, this month, a light bulb turned on!!  Make a website of websites!

So now all of my galleries, forums, blogs, and shopping venues are on one page that you can BOOKMARK

as your main bookmark for my website.  Anything you need, including an email link, is on the new website

All the buttons will take you directly to the site you choose. There are also text links below the panda, which are incomplete.  They will describe each of the sites in a paragraph or two with images to help illustrate PLUS; the title is also clickable to access the site you are reading about

Have fun playing with it, and let me know if you want other features added. I am keeping it simple but will always consider suggestions that will fit into the design

Thanks to all my friends for sharing these exciting moments over the years with me and helping me grow in creativity and spirit!!


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About Sandra Miller

My name is Sandra Miller and I love to ART. I enjoy my studio and home in beautiful Portland Oregon with my husband Steve and our charming Finnish Lapphund dog named Ihana