Me and my grandson paul at the dog show


Me and my grandson paul at the dog show, originally uploaded by electra-cute.

Oh my…forgive how bad this photo is.  The dog show today was a blast.  Not only did Steve and I find some lovely chows to award ribbons to, we got a chance to see our sweet friends Tony and Sharon again …’s been at least 4 years since we met them in person last!!!
Also our friend Bill was at the show and it was so good to see him and meet one of our “grandchowdren”  I guarantee you this photo does not do him justice.  I took a cell phone  shot of the back of the larger Canon camera screen to have something to post of him.  I took tons of super nice shots of “Paul” with the good camera that I’ll post when I get home
What a dog..he was all kissie and loved his grandma a lot but he really is his daddys boy.  He adores Bill and would do anything to make him happy.  We are so very proud of what has been accomplished with our Derek son.
Tonight we are about half way to NYC and chillin at the hotel.  Had a wonderful dinner of clams and oysters again and a nice black and tan beer which I hadn’t had in many moons.  All in all a super relaxing day full of friends and dogs!!!
Tomorrow we will drive into NY and ditch the rental car.  No point in having a car in the city when there is no place to park.  Beside, the public transportion and cabs are such a big part of the fun and adventure in New York.  I want to see ground zero which will be super hard….but feel the need to go.  We have all sorts of plans for good eats and lots of sightseeing that we haven’t had the chance to do…and take in a Broadway show or too if we can!!!
I’ll catch up tomorrow when we get there.  Wish I could share with you where we are staying but will let you know as soon as we check out!!!!  Steve is full of surprises this trip.
Luv and purple chow smooches and panda hugs!!
Sandy and Steve



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