a graffiti phonecam bangkok live shot

a graffiti phonecam bangkok live shot, originally uploaded by electra-cute.

Hi everyone!!! Wow what a day we had in the fabulous city of Bangkok…we started the morning with a traditional breakfast of Egg Mc Muffin and Starbucks!! Wooo Hoo!!! oK..WE ADMIT THAT IT WAS A CHEESY THING TO DO BUT WE WERE HUNGRY AND WANTED TO GET TO THE WHOLESALE MARKET.

Enroute to the market we got sidetracked a number of times by everything from boats to beggars and took photos of it all!!!

The photo you see here was taken in a smaller indoor mall that we stepped into to catch a bit of air conditioning. There was an awesome Chinese New Year display that we couldn’t resist using as a prop for our GRAFFITI PHONE CAM moment of the day!

You can barely see me behind the display but I’m there!!

We also got our 2 1/2 hour massages and facials at the hotel spa and WOWWWWWW we barely were able to crawl back to our rooms. What a workout and then on to dinner with our Chow friend Ek who lives in Bangkok…see next posts….


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