WE ARE HERE…ready to go out for dinner on our balcony in Paris

Ohhhhh La La…I finally got time to sit down and email before we head out and hit the streets of Paris…(yes..Paris FRANCE)..After Air France Lost our luggage TWICE between Seattle and here and missing our connection because of an airport boo boo on our security clearance… has been a whirlwind of a few days…and we were getting pretty sick of seeing each other in the same clothes too..hee hee


But now we are settled in for the week and ready to find a bistro for lunch. The weather is gorgeous and we have already gone to the Picasso museum and are getting into unwind mode


.cafe across the street from the one we ate at..super graffiti


You ask “Paris……..PARIS…. but I thought she was going to Africa??” Well that will soon come….Steve added this little romantic surprise onto our trip and I’m all for it. Hope you all are doing fine. I will be posting an album up here to add pix into soon so you can follow along with me. It’s hard to post many pix directly into the blog but you can always click on the album to see more shots.


Luv you all to bits and wish you were here my friends


Sandra and Steve


This photo is so surreal…for one thing the sculpture is a Picasso at the museum…but the strange thing is how the lady to the left has 2 faces instead of one….just like so many of Picasso’s creations. Look closely…there is a person behind her who’s face profile you see behind the back of her head~


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