The most perfect flower in my garden!

Yes…I would have to say the prettiest flower in my garden is MEG!! She looked so beautiful, sitting behind the hanging fuschia basket that I couldn’t resist taking this shot. Not a great photo technically but it really captures her personality

The prettiest flower in my garden...Meg!!

But seriously folks…here is my rose called “The Impressionist” which is a climber from Heritage Roses and certainly the most beautiful bloomer in the garden today!!.

This baby is a repeat repeat repeat bloomer and just started to open today. It climbs a trellis with a deep purple clematis that blooms at the same time..pictured below.

Diana and I both purchased “The Impressionist” on one of her visits here because that is our co owned dog’s registered name (Vincent is gone now..sweet boy!)

Tomorrow I have some big news to share regarding our Impressionist (the dog) Woo Hoo!!!

Can you see my panda mail box in the distance?
Impressionist climbing rose paired with dark purple clematis
On the panda front…I am going to be posting the name suggestions soon and would like to encourage all the tribe members to submit two each if you have them Try to choose unisex names if possible since we won’t know if we have boys or girls for a while. The adoption team at Wolong is pretty much trying to keep their heads above water at this point.
Have a super weekend everyone!!


  1. kathleen says:

    i guess i would hafta say that Meg is prettier than any flower in any garden.  but…..that rose is very “impressive”.  I just onder wht that news is about the “Impressionist”.  hmmmmmmmmm.  i could guess but i dont wanna spoil the fun if im right!!!  cant wait to hear. 

  2. Thank you Kathe!!! Meg give you some serious purple smooches for saying so!!! I bet you can guess too!! More news in just a bit!!!  I miss ya girlfriend!!

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